Case Studies


“I would just like to thank you for your support in everything since leaving prison, especially those who really went above and beyond to help me find somewhere to live”


“The impact of Blue Sky’s support has been more than I could have ever wished for – it really has changed my life for the better”


Mother of a Blue Sky employee

“Since working for Blue Sky, he has changed. I feel proud of him now, which is something I, as a mother, haven’t felt for a while. Thank you, Blue Sky”


“Blue Sky gets us off the street and gives us work to stop us committing crime. It gives meaning to our lives”


“I’ve been blessed to work with Blue Sky for the past 7 months and it’s the first time in my life that people have shown me gratitude”


“Without Blue Sky I’d be back inside prison. Instead, I have a full-time job, work hard and pay tax. Basically, I can be a normal bloke”


“It’s about getting training and then at least I can say to the next employer I’ve got to go to I’ve got these skills, this is what I’m bringing to the table”


11 year old daughter of a Blue Sky team member

“Blue Sky has changed my family and my dad. I wish Blue Sky the best in the future. And I hope that Blue Sky can change people like it did for my dad”


“No employer would give me a job because of my criminal record. Then, I was given a chance by Blue Sky to prove that I have moved on from my problems of the past. I’m only looking forward now”


“Working for Blue Sky has helped me get back on the straight and narrow and has helped to make my family proud of me”


“I really do believe that without Blue Sky I would have kept on going back to prison”


“Blue Sky has really changed my life they gave me that second chance nobody else would. I really appreciate all of what Blue Sky has done for me”