The Benefits for Employers of Working with Blue Sky

Ex-offenders can make great employees, precisely because they have overcome formidable obstacles to secure a job and a second chance.  Their determination to build a new life can be a great asset to a business and in return for employment, they invariably show great loyalty.

We bring over a decade of experience of recruiting and managing ex-offenders and the results speak for themselves. We’ve employed over 1,150 ex-offenders with over 40% securing onward employment after leaving Blue Sky (increasingly with our commercial partners).

When first considering employing ex-offenders, you’ll have a range of questions on how to:

  • Understand how recruiting ex-offenders could best benefit your business
  • Navigate the criminal justice system, regulation and terminology
  • Identify potential trusted partners
  • Understand the potential support and management needs
  • Identify and mitigate risks to sell your idea internally
  • Invest in specialist resource and build appropriate processes
  • Invest in ongoing specialist support to ensure ongoing success

At Blue Sky, we understand how the prospect of directly employing ex-offenders (or serving prisoners) can be complex and daunting. That’s why we provide a simple solution – Blue Sky employs ex-offenders directly, placing and supporting them within your business.  We can work with your business to understand your operations and labour needs.

Expert Screening and Recruitment

Blue Sky has a range of established referral routes from statutory agencies, Job Centre Plus, other charities as well as recruiting ex-offenders directly. Blue Sky brings a wealth of experience of working within the prison estate and in the community.  This means we can provide an informed window on the sector for your business. We are experienced in screening and interviewing potential candidates. When any company takes on a new employee it cannot be certain what it is getting. Blue Sky takes away most of that uncertainty.

With over half of Blue Sky’s HQ team with experience of the criminal justice system, we bring implicit and explicit experience and insight to our screening and recruitment. Our team knows what to look for and what to ask.

Direct Employment

Blue Sky directly employs ex-offenders for six months on full-time temporary contracts. For some of our commercial clients concerned about reputational or operational risk, this can provide a lower-risk option. We recruit locally to your business, placing individuals into your business – as an alternative to agency or other temporary staff.  Our fees are competitive and we can provide endorsements and references from existing clients.

Ongoing Management and Support

By retaining employment of candidates, we can understand their needs and work directly with your operational leads to identify opportunities or problems early. With over a decade’s experience of supporting ex-offenders to enter or return to employment, we know how to manage the common challenges, pitfalls and support needs of ex-offenders to ensure they can start, sustain and succeed in your business. Supporting your business is just as important to us. By establishing proactive communication with your local operations means we can provide the specialist intervention, saving your business the cost of investing in specialist resource.

For example, we can provide pre-work support, crisis or housing loans, matched training grants. If your business is considering providing additional support alongside employment to ex-offenders, we can explore managing this on your behalf.


With over 40% of Blue Sky leavers securing onward employment, and increasingly with our commercial partners, our model provides access to a different labour pool. Providing access to training grants means we can support Blue Sky employees to develop relevant skills, making them more employable after the six months.

We can also contribute to your company’s corporate responsibility or social value reporting with appropriate case studies or data. This is particularly important to our clients who operate within the public sector.

Our simple model means we are the trusted partner to our growing list of commercial clients, referral agencies and importantly, to ex-offenders and serving prisoners looking to change their lives.

Come and talk to us:

Contact John Chesters, Commercial and Operations Director (E:; T: 07872 403541)

What our commercial partners say about working with Blue Sky:

The attraction to my division of Amey in working with Blue Sky is that they are the specialists in employing and supporting ex-offenders back into mainstream employment. They support the ex-offenders, but also make sure we are supported in understanding how to make this initiative work. They help de-risk the process, reducing what could be a difficult concept for some companies to embrace.” John Farrell, Business Director, Amey

Working with Blue Sky has proved to be a real productive partnership on the ground thus enabling Quadron to meet our high standards. In addition, our relationship with Blue Sky has greatly increased the number of people we are able to reach and offer opportunities within a highly supportive environment.” Martyn Bradley, Operations Director, Quadron


Some recent success stories:

Luke’s Story – from serial offender to falconer…
Sam’s Story – in and out of prison for 17 years, now full-time with Amey
Natasha’s Story – fully trained at Blue Sky in forklift driving

If you would like to employ a Blue Sky ‘Graduate’ like Luke, Sam or Natasha then please send an enquiry using the form below: