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Blue Sky now manages over 30 commercial contracts across England and since 2007 our commercial income has increased six-fold. In 2013/14 we:

  • maintained and improved over 3.4m square metres of land
  • diverted over 14,600 tonnes of waste from landfill and recycling
  • planted nearly 15,000 trees

Blue Sky is expanding continuously and with the support of Groundwork MSSTT, our long-standing partners in the north-west of England, we have established Blue Sky North as a consortium.

Our Employees

More than 1,200 ex-offenders have been employed by us since we began in October 2005.

  • 20% have had a housing issue and needed help from our Housing Loan Scheme
  • Over half have had drug and/or alcohol issues in the past
  • 18% are PPOs and MAPPAs, i.e. the hardest to reach
  • 27% haven’t had a bank account in their name
  • 40% have had dependent children – a total of 630 kids


The Results

  • Only 15% of Blue Sky ex-employees have re-offended – a quarter of the national average
  • 43% of our employees move into sustained employment once they leave Blue Sky – despite ex-offenders finding it eight times harder to secure a job compared to people with no criminal record
  • 51% of our employees leave us with accredited qualifications
  • 60% of employees with a housing issue left us with an improved accommodation situation

National Statistics

Why do we do what we do?

  • Re-offending costs the UK £13 billion each year
  • England and Wales release 90,000 prisoners per annum. 60% re-offend in the year after release
  • Employment reduces the probability of re-offending by up to 50% but 75% of prisoners have no job on release
  • The estimated cost for every single re-offender is approximately £200,000 and it costs around £40,000 to imprison one criminal for a year
  • In 2013/14, just 25% of prisoners entered employment on release from prison
National Statistics – Sources
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